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Title: Lives in a Blue World

Title: Lives in a Blue World

 Description: In the serene waters along the Alaskan shoreline, a solitary blue whale gracefully navigates its vast oceanic realm, alone in this isolated landscape. As it surfaces briefly to breathe, the whale's majestic form emerges from the depths before seamlessly disappearing once more into the endless expanse of blue. It's a reminder of the whale's constant immersion in the blue world, evoking echoes of Eiffel 65's iconic song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," where the color blue symbolizes a world unto itself, both mysterious and captivating. I'm not going to sing it for ya, but here are some of the lyrics...

Yo, listen up here's a story

About a little guy

That lives in a blue world

And all day and all night

And everything he sees is just blue

Like him inside and outside


Blue his house

With a blue little window

And a blue corvette

And everything is blue for him

And himself and everybody around

Cause he ain't got nobody to listen to


I'm blue

Da ba dee da ba di



"Lives in a Blue World" is part of the Limited Edition Collection: Into the Wild - Intimate Encounters.

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