This page explains what you are purchasing (Limited Edition or Open Edition) and the type of materials that you are choosing in the drop down menus when you order. Obviously this is important to understand, as your artwork is an investment.

Display Options Guide

Collections available for purchase: Limited Edition Collections, Artist Proofs, & Open Edition Collections.

Print options available for Limited Editions & Artist Proofs:

1) Fine Art Matte Paper -  Our premium archival matte paper is a smooth, neutral-white paper for high-quality fine art.

2) Museum Quality Stretched Giclee Canvas - Designed to meet art museum's longevity requirements for up to 200 years, lightweight and a classic look.

3) ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints - Exceptional depth-of-color, robust aluminum material, lightweight, and waterproof.

4) Signature HD Acrylic Prints - Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic, luminous colors and fascinating depth.

Limited Editions & Artist Proofs can be purchased with or without custom framing options.


Print options available for Open Editions:   [COMING SOON]

1) "Wall Art Speakers" - Picture Perfect Bluetooth Speakers in Canvas Wall Art.  A picture is worth a thousand words. A speaker can play a million. You won't believe your eyes & ears!  Definitely cool technology.

2) "Refresh Wall Art System" - You can swap the print for your latest favorite in no time at all. On the same frame. This way you will never get bored of your wall art again! Available in "2 Print package" or "4 Print package" options and exploring a subscription service if there is demand.

3) "Art Installations - Multi-Panel Wall Art" - Art Installations are the latest craze in the art market. The concept is to take a single image or multiple images and divide it onto multiple canvases, incorporating the negative space between the canvases as part of the design. Sometimes called Polyptychs, Wall Clusters or Wall Splits. We are currently working on locking down our print vendor, to not only get the best quality, but also a good price. These will be apart of our OPEN EDITION offerings, likely on canvas & metal.

From thousands of images captured, Kyle Whaley edits and selects only the finest to be released into his various collections.

What's the difference in these collections?

Limited Edition Prints: (click to learn more)

A Limited Edition print is just as it sounds, only a limited amount of these prints will be created and sold. As a rule, limited edition prints are valued more highly and therefore are usually priced substantially higher than the readily available open edition prints. The more a limited edition print sells, the more expensive those later edition images become (supply & demand), so print 1 of 100 will be less expensive to purchase, than print 99 of 100. But when the edition is retired, the earlier the print the higher the value! So it pays to be on the front end of an edition as a collector. Each limited edition print has Kyle’s signature and a unique edition number assigned to it (for example, 5 of 100). Each image comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with a unique traceable number with a hologram (for provenance). Once the numbered editions have all sold, that limited edition will no longer be available for purchase, it's retired.

Artist Proofs: (click to learn more)

These prints are reserved for Kyle Whaley’s personal use and may be displayed in museums, gallery showings or sold to collectors on a limited basis. The Artist Proof Collection is an additional 10% of the limited edition collection quantity. So for example, if the limited edition print had a limit of 100 prints, then there would be 10 Artist Proofs available (100 x 10% = 10). Available in select sizes, these prints are sold at a higher premium due to their exclusive numbers. Each print has Kyle’s signature and a unique edition number on the Certificate of Authenticity. Contact us if interested in purchasing one of these.

Open Edition Prints (coming soon):

Prints from the Open Edition have a lower price point because unlike the limited edition prints, they are not restricted to a specific number of prints. Our open editions can be printed on Picture Perfect Speakers - Canvas Wall Art with Bluetooth speakers built-in, "Refresh" Wall Art System, or Multi Panel Wall Art on metal or canvas.

Here is a look at the print options for our Limited Editions...

Fine Art Matte Paper Prints

Our Premium Archival Matte Paper is a smooth, neutral-white, matte paper for high-quality fine art, photo reproduction, and open-edition décor. The paper supports accurate color reproduction and high-contrast, high-resolution output, and is acid-free for a longer print life with pigment inks. It features a heavy weight (230 gsm), thick base (9.5 mil), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging. Most prints will come with a white border around the artwork (from 1.75" to 2.5" depending on the size of the print).

It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials.

NOT to be displayed near any moisture. NOT good for bathrooms (high humidity areas) or outdoors subject to the elements.

Note: Paper prints need to be framed to display. You can order 'just the print' and have it framed yourself. Or you can purchase it with our framing options, your choice. It might be cheaper and less of a headache to do the framing through us, but you also might want a specific frame that we don't offer. Your choice.

Museum Quality Stretched Giclee Canvas

Our canvas is designed to meet art galleries' and museum's longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades for up to 200 years old. The printing process is Giclee with Pigment Ink on a Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas 410g/m2. Each canvas is finished with a Matte varnish which provides a 'Fine Art' look and provides a great color gammut. Canvas is a classic look.

Black edged sides, felt bumper pads to protect your walls, & wire ready to hang!

Note: Don't hang these near water or humid rooms (ie: bathrooms, etc), not for outdoors. Consider our Metal prints for those conditions.

ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints

The combination of unmatched color brilliance, superior durability and true generational archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe the perfect choice for image reproduction and the ideal choice for professional photo printing.

Vibrant & rich colors, scratch resistant, lightweight, weather-proof, easy installation, & easy to clean.

These can be ordered with a museum float mount (hovers off the wall...see image to the right), or you can upgrade to a frame or decorative moulding option (similar to the framed Acrylic image below).

Note: The max dimension ChromaLuxe HD Metal can be printed is 60x40". Our XL & XXL offerings are larger than this, those will be printed on a high quality White Matte Metal print which is less reflective. The matte surface minimizes reflections, creating a soft and subtle look that will draw attention to the details in your image. If you want the reflective quality in those larger sizes, choose our Signature HD Acrylic print in those sizes.

If you'd like to see how these are made, watch this video

Signature HD Acrylic Prints

Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic, luminous colors and fascinating depth. This High Definition print option is the top of the line, there is nothing better if you are wanting quality.

We use the latest flatbed printing machines and craftmanship. The combination of HD super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth (1/8 inch acrylic)...creates an astonishing effect. This will get complements and be a focal point in whatever room you choose to hang your art!

The top image shows an HD Acrylic print with a museum float mount.

The bottom image shows an HD Acrylic print with one of our decorative moulding options.

Please Note: Currently you can order on ANY material (Canvas, Acrylic, etc.) straight from our galleries, however... if you would like to have the art mounted or framed, email us first... we need to manually do this. After we receive you request we will reach back out to you with a personal consultation & provide costs. Once you agree with order details, we will send you a custom shopping cart checkout to get everything ordered to your specs.

In the email to us (, just let us know your full name, best phone #, the title(s) of the artwork you are interested in, the material you want it printed on, the size of the artwork, and then the frame or moulding # from the lists below (scroll down). If you are not quite sure which frames might look best, we can always guide you. Thanks for your patience while our programmers work to get this part of our website automated.

  • Fine Art Paper Print Frame w/ Acrylic Glass

    Introducing the timeless elegance of a classic moulding for your image... we custom frame your art with a white border (except on our XL or XXL sizing), your choice of 9 classic frames to choose from. comes with acrylic glass, bumper padding to protect your walls, and hanging hardware.


    This option is available for Canvas, Metal & Acrylic prints.

    A floating frame creates the illusion of artwork floating within the frame by leaving a gap between the frame and the artwork. This adds depth and dimension to the display, making it visually appealing. It's often used for canvas prints, but can also be used for other artwork. 12 to choose from.


    This option is available for Metal & Acrylic prints.

    Hanging hardware is attached to the back of the metal/acrylic print to achieve the floating effect due to the shadow it creates on the wall behind. This hardware is designed to be hidden from view when the print is hung.

    This is a modern and clean look.


    This option is available for Metal & Acrylic prints.

    With our assortment of sophisticated designs you can create the perfect frame to your new artwork. With currently 21 options to choose from, we know you'll find the right look to match your space. We have budget friendly & premium options available.

  • Black Lipped Picture Frame

    Select item # 892-967

  • Gold Lipped w/ Espresso Frame

    Select item # 892-756

  • Dark Brown Large Frame

    Select item # 886-688

  • Red Wood Large Frame

    Select item # 886-690

  • Brown Large Frame

    Select item # 886-740

  • Black w/ Gold Lipped Frame

    Select item # 868-755

  • Silver Thin Frame

    Select item # 701-871

  • Champagne Thin Frame

    Select item # 701-851

  • Black Thin Frame

    Select item # 701-BLK

1 of 9

“Every frame and every scene has to have an intention.”

― Mira Nair

  • Black Floating

    Select item # FL-814-67

  • Charcoal Floating

    Select item # FL-814-52

  • Bordeaux Floating

    Select item # FL-814-06

  • Gold Antique Floating

    Select item # FL-814-08

  • Walnut Floating

    Select item # FL-814-18

  • Truffle Floating

    Select item # FL-814-22

  • Champagne Floating

    Select item # FL-814-66

  • Wood Texture Floating

    Select item # 514-81

  • Silver Floating

    Select item # FL-814-711

  • Gold Floating

    Select item # FL-814-722

  • Coal Thick Floating

    Select item # FL-816-952

  • Antique Thick Floating

    Select item # FL-816-908

1 of 12

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

  • Black Lipped Moulding

    Select item # 892-967

  • Gold Lipped w/ Espresso Moulding

    Select item # 892-756

  • Dark Brown Large Moulding

    Select item # 886-688

  • Redwood Large Moulding

    Select item # 886-690

  • Brown Large Moulding

    Select item # 886-740

  • Charcoal Large Moulding

    Select item # 702-052

  • Champagne Large Moulding

    Select item # 702-851

  • Oak Large Moulding

    Select item # 702-001

  • Grain White Large Moulding

    Select item # 702-048

  • Scratched Platinum Large Moulding

    Select item # 884-638

  • Light Gold Lipped Moulding

    Select item # 157-950

  • Bronze w/ Lipped Large Moulding

    Select item # 519-550

  • Sterling w/ Lipped Large Moulding

    Select item # 519-561

  • Azur w/ Lipped Large Moulding

    Select item # F519-511

  • Black Silver Lipped Large Moulding

    Select item # 612-59

  • Gold Lipped Moulding

    Select item # 119-222

  • Verdigris w/ Black Lined Moulding

    Select item # 135-200

  • Mahogany w/ Black Moulding

    Select item # 186-24

  • Light Brown Barnwood Large Moulding

    Select item # 595-62

  • Grey Barnwood Large Moulding

    Select item # 595-68

  • Brown Barnwood Large Moulding

    Select item # 595-78

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“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”

― James Whistler