Wall Art Speakers... powerful Bluetooth sound built into beautiful canvas artwork!

Be the first in your sphere of influence to own "Wall Art Speakers" printed on canvas. Everyone will be envious!

Continue scrolling down to learn more about the technology behind the speakers. If you have decided that you must have this cool new technology, then just go back to any of our open edition galleries and select the image you want printed on the picture perfect speaker canvas.

Dual Purpose: Beautiful canvas artwork on your walls! Then hidden behind the canvas is a powerful Bluetooth surround sound speaker filling the room with your favorite music!

No more ugly speakers! It comes with a long charging cord that can be charged while you sleep (just like you do your phone) and then remove the charging cord and enjoy up to 20 hours of music before needing to recharge! It's a great conversation piece, your friends and guests will notice!

Single Speaker Surround Sound

DML technology allows us to produce sound over such a large surface area that sound waves hit your ears from all angles, creating surround sound from one speaker. 

Why DML?

Now that you know the difference between DML and traditional speakers, let's dive into some of the reasons DML technology is useful.  

Evenly Distributed Sound

Cone speakers have "sweet spots"  for ideal listening, and when moving around the room the sound quality will vary. DML speakers produce even sound and don't play favorites to location.

Impressively Thin

Spoke Sound's patented technology is what allows for crystal clear sound out of a 1.5 inch thick frame. 

Expertly Designed

Our speakers are the result of over four years of research and development.  We only use quality components designed to last. 

How To Order A Wall Art Speaker Canvas? [Coming Soon]

You will be able to order soon, we are putting the finishing touches on adding this option to our website. Make sure to sign up for our PhotoArt Fan Club so you will be notified when this option launches.

"That's why people listen to music or look at paintings. To get in touch with that wholeness."

- Corita Kent