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Title: Fence-Line

Title: Fence-Line

Description: In the Elk Ranch Flats near the Grand Tetons, Bison roam freely despite nearby fences. Surprisingly agile, they easily leap over barriers. Bison are known for their toughness and confidence, reacting aggressively to perceived threats. With poor eyesight but keen hearing and smell, they can stampede if startled. Bison can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, with males showcasing their strength through head-butting displays, typically avoiding lethal fights.

It’s estimated that up to 100 million bison roamed the Great Plains before 1800. But by the 1980's, fewer than 1,000 remained. Today, about 30,000 American bison survive in conservation herds. Another approximately 500,000 individuals are managed commercially as livestock.

"Fence-Line" is part of the Limited Edition Collection: The Master's Canvas - Nature's Landscape.

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