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Title: Eagle Eye

Title: Eagle Eye

Description: While humans with 20/20 vision are often dubbed "eagle-eyed," the Bald Eagle itself boasts far superior eyesight. With vision typically ranging from 20/40 to 20/50—up to eight times sharper than human vision—these majestic birds are expert hunters. Their remarkable eyesight allows them to spot small prey up to two miles away with astonishing clarity. What's more, their expansive 340-degree field of view, surpassing even that of owls, grants them exceptional peripheral vision. It's no wonder they always seem to be peering straight into your soul.

With a crushing grip strength of around 400 pounds per square inch (psi), Bald Eagles possess talons that are ten times stronger than those of humans. This formidable grip serves them well, whether they're plucking fish from lakes— their preferred meal— and maintaining hold while soaring through the air, or seizing prey from other birds mid-flight, after a bit of strategic intimidation. This particular eagle perched in a tree above Ketchikan Creek, a prime spot for salmon runs, keenly observing its surroundings.

"Eagle Eye" is part of the Limited Edition Collection: Into the Wild - Intimate Encounters.

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