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Single Speaker Surround Sound

DML technology allows us to produce sound over such a large surface area that sound waves hit your ears from all angles, creating surround sound from one speaker. 

Sound Where You Need It

No more stands. Our DML speakers have a low profile so they can easily hang on walls and deliver sound at ear level.

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“Actually, it’s nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I’m only choosing the perspective.” ― Katja Michael

Welcome to a collection of landscape fine art photography by Kyle Whaley. Photographers can find inspiration in many different forms and from countless different places. Landscape and nature photographers tend to be inspired by the natural world around us. These images have been captured from across North America, hope you enjoy.

If you click on any image in the collection, you will be able to see full screen detail & clarity of the artwork, see the artwork in various settings (including augmented reality) and read about the story behind the image.

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What is a Limited Edition Print?

  • A limited edition has a fixed number of prints in the edition and the number of prints available will not change. Each image in the edition is signed and numbered with the print number in the edition followed by the total size of the edition. For example: 1/20.
  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be attached with any purchases of Limited Edition prints.
  • These prints are available on fine art matte paper, museum quality canvas and gallery ultra acrylic.  Click here for details on these print options.
  • You can purchase these limited editions stand alone (print only), or some are offered with framing options at an additional cost (likely less expensive than taking it to a professional framer).
  • Depending on size chosen (ie: Small vs Large), Limited Editions can range from 5 in the edition (once 5 are sold, it's retired) to 100 in the edition.
  • We use progressive pricing on our limited editions, meaning the more that piece sells the less inventory remains, which drives the price up on the remaining.  The least expensive time to buy any limited edition is early in the offering. (another reason to join our Exclusive Collectors Club for advance notice)
  • Once the edition sells out, it will never be offered for sale again... thus adhering to the integrity of the collection, for the benefit of our collectors.
  • To purchase a print, simply select the size and media and add it to cart. All pricing includes FREE shipping within the continental United States & Canada. Checkout is via PayPal or Stripe and is secure and easy.